5G for the Networked Society 10/12/2015

5G for the Networked Society

5G is the next chapter of telecom networks designed to meet ever-more advanced and complex sets of performance requirements. And it represents a new way of thinking in the approach to generational changes in mobile technology.

Telecom operators are going through a major digital transformation; one that is reshaping virtually all sectors of the economy. With the advent of 5G, the speed and breadth of that transformation will only increase. 5G encompasses innovative network design in an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, move that will efficiently support applications with widely-varying operational parameters. 5G networks will be highly efficient and faster, while supporting more users, more devices, more services and new use cases – yet without impacting costs or the carbon footprint.
This evolution will enable communication, media, M2M, and much more. And it will be one of the most important enablers of the Networked Society.

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