Optimizing Wireless Communication Systems DATA DA PUBLICAÇÃO: 16/12/2009

Optimizing Wireless Communication Systems

Dr. Rodrigo Cavalcanti and Dr. SorenAndersson

Book "Optimizing Wireless Communication Systems" (August 2009) released.
Published by the Springer publishing company. The book was edited by professor Dr.
Rodrigo Cavalcanti, GTEL director and by the researcher from the Ericsson´s Research
Dr. Soren Andersson. 
The book has 12 chapters divided into two parts: Resources allocation from Radio and
Architecture of Transceivers. Its content addresses wireless systems of 3a and 4a
generations with focuses on theory and technology advances as to the physical and
access areas. In most part of its chapters, the book represents a gathering of main results
and proposals from the research and development activities carried out as a joint effort
in the partnership GTEL/Ericsson through 10 years of operation. 
One can purchase the book in the site: www.springer.com or in other electronic

The book´s link : http://www.springer.com/br/book/9781441901545

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