The technical cooperation between the UFC and Ericsson is implemented by the GTEL (Wireless Telecommunications Research Group) for about 20 years. More than two dozen research projects have been successfully completed resulting in intellectual property and scientific publications relevant to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile communication technologies. Currently the cooperation is formatted through a technical-scientific program consisting of projects that study aspects of the evolution of 5G systems in topics such as: MIMO Antenna systems, radio resource management, vehicular communications and Machine learning..  Go to the website.



EU-BR H2020 5G-Range

The purpose of the 5G-RANGE project is to design, develop, implement and validate the mechanisms to enable the 5G network to provide an economically effective solution for Internet access to remote areas. New cognitive layer to allow access without compromising access, compatible cognitive access control layer using a dynamic spectrum allocation and physical layer approach to reduce out-of-band emissions, enabling spectrum agility , fragmented spectrum allocation and low interference. The solutions will be integrated into a Proof-of-Concept to enable field performance evaluation and actual case demonstrations. Go to the website.



EU-BR H2020 Futebol

The EU-BR FUTEBOL project provides for the creation of a federated control structure to integrate the test banks of Europe and Brazil for network researchers who form the academy and industry with unprecedented resources. Our main goal is to allow access to advanced experimental facilities in Europe and Brazil for research and education in the optical and wireless domains. To do this, we will develop a convergent control structure to support optical/wireless experimentation in the federated research infrastructure of all partners and associated institutions. In this way, industry-driven use cases can be deployed to produce advances in optical/wireless boundary research. Go to the website.