GTEL/UFC Delegation Explores Innovations at Ericsson’s Global Headquarters in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden – [October/2023] In the week of November 20th to 24th, 2023, a delegation representing the Telecommunications Research Group (GTEL) from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) visited the global headquarters of Ericsson Telecommunications Inc. in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by Professor F. Rodrigo Porto Cavalcanti, the team, comprising professors André L. F. de Almeida,…
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Ericsson and Universidade Federal do Ceará start a new cycle of projects targeting 6G

Ericsson and the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil) are starting a new cycle of research projects in telecommunications that aim to study 6G technology, which will replace the current 5G by the end of this decade. The projects will be carried out by researchers from GTEL – Wireless Telecommunications Research Group with technical supervision from…
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GTEL participation in SBrT 2022

During the period from September 25 to 28, GTEL made a significant participation in the Brazilian Telecommunications Symposium (SBRT/22). With work in the areas of: Multiple Access and Allocation of Resources, Mobile Communications, MIMO, Standards Classification and IoT. Our researchers were able to share the group’s advances in different areas of knowledge of the telecommunications…
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Interested can contact Prof. Rodrigo Cavalcanti, coordinator of GTEL, forwarding CV to email:

GTEL researcher receives CAPES Thesis award in 2021

The thesis, entitled “Scheduling Strategies for Multi-Antenna Communications and Dual Connectivity in Wireless Networks”, was developed in the context of a cooperation project between the Telecommunications Research Group The researcher Roberto Pinto Antonioli, former phD student of the Graduate Program in Teleinformatics Engineering of the Federal University of Ceará (PPGETI), is one of the winners…
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GTEL researcher Alexandre Matos Pessoa defends his doctoral thesis

Alexandre Matos Pessoa recently defended his doctoral thesis entitled On Channel Modeling based on Semi-deterministic and Stochastic approaches for 5G and beyond. Alexander was mentored by Professor Dr. F. Rodrigo Cavalcanti (UFC professor and GTEL coordinator) and co-directed by Dr. Igor Guerreiro (principal researcher of the Ericsson-UFC wireless communications research program) and Dr. Carlos Silva…
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GTEL researcher Roberto Pinto Antonioli defended his doctoral thesis.

On April 30, GTEL researcher Roberto Pinto Antonioli defended his doctoral thesis entitled Scheduling Strategies for Multi-Antenna Communications and Dual Connectivity In Wireless Networks. Roberto was supervised by Professor Dr. Tarcisio Maciel (UFC professor and GTEL researcher) and co-supervised by Professor Dr. Gábor Fodor (KTH-Sweden professor and Ericsson researcher). “Some of the factors that contributed…
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Technical visit to Ericsson at its global headquarters in Stockholm

We started a technical visit to Ericsson at its global headquarters in Stockholm. Presentation and discussion of results and next steps of the 5G survey . Our team consists of 4 highly competent doctors: Daniel Araújo, Diego Aguiar Sousa, Igor Guerreiro and Victor Farias Monteiro.

Ericsson confirms expansion in Brazil and announces contribution of R$ 1 bi for 5G

After indicating that an investment for the expansion of its production in Brazil would also be announced in 2019, Ericsson made it official on Monday, 25, the intention to contribute R$ 1 billion in the country by 2025 with an eye on the potential of 5G networks. The information was released by ericsson latam sul president…
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GTEL contributes to 5G wireless channel modeling

A recent paper by GTEL, entitled “A Stochastic Channel Model with Dual Mobility for 5G Massive Networks” (published in IEEE Access) proposes a wireless channel model that features most of the key requirements for realistic computational simulations of 5G networks. This includes features relevant to drone and vehicular communications. More specifically, it leverages the concept…
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