GTEL/UFC Delegation Explores Innovations at Ericsson’s Global Headquarters in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden – [October/2023]

In the week of November 20th to 24th, 2023, a delegation representing the Telecommunications Research Group (GTEL) from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) visited the global headquarters of Ericsson Telecommunications Inc. in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by Professor F. Rodrigo Porto Cavalcanti, the team, comprising professors André L. F. de Almeida, Igor Guerreiro, Victor Farias Monteiro, Walter Freitas, and Yuri C. B. Silva, seizes the opportunity to present and discuss the results of collaborative projects shaping the future 6G technology, slated for commercialization from 2030.

The partnership between GTEL/UFC and Ericsson spans over two decades, and throughout this period, joint projects have played a pivotal role in innovating telecommunication standards, from 3G to the latest 5G. Furthermore, the collaboration has been instrumental in the university’s mission to educate highly qualified professionals for the telecommunications and internet sectors in Brazil.

Ericsson, as a longstanding strategic partner, continues to play a crucial role in the success and excellence of GTEL/UFC, further solidifying the ties that bind both institutions in the pursuit of advancements in the global communications landscape.

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