GTEL contributes to 5G wireless channel modeling

A recent paper by GTEL, entitled “A Stochastic Channel Model with Dual Mobility for 5G Massive Networks” (published in IEEE Access) proposes a wireless channel model that features most of the key requirements for realistic computational simulations of 5G networks. This includes features relevant to drone and vehicular communications. More specifically, it leverages the concept of sum of sinusoids to allow a smooth evolution of channel responses. Moreover, the channel of different links that share the same environment also have spatial-temporal consistency, even if both link sides are moving. Key 5G technologies, such as massive MIMO and large bandwidths in mm-Wave bands, are also supported.

The work, led by Ph.D. student Alexandre Matos, is a result of a collaborative effort among students, professors and researchers at GTEL. Nicknamed 5G-SToRM, the proposed channel model is expected to contribute not only to the channel modeling community but also to researchers engaged in the development of 5G systems and beyond.

For more information contact the main author at The paper is available at

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