Anatel approves the frequency ranges for 5G

The Board of Directors of Anatel approved at the meeting of this Thursday, 23, the regulation that targets the range of radio frequencies from 3,300 MHz to 3,400 MHz for the provision of the personal mobile service – SMP, of the multimedia Communication Service-SCM, of the telephone service Fixed commuted – STFC and private Limited service – SLP, on a primary and unexclusive basis. The counselors also approved the allocation of the radio frequency range from 2,300 MHz to 2,400 MHz for the provision of the private limited service – SLP, on a primary basis.

The President of the agency, Leonardo Euler, reiterated what he had already stated during the Telebrasil 2019 panel: In the range of 3.5 GHz there will be three blocks of 80 MHz and one of 60 MHz (can be subdivided into three of 20 MHz), with first cap of 100 MHz. “We will have a good ability to support 5G technology,” he commented.

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